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Atletico Madrid's transfer ban and Jose Callejon

What does the transfer ban Atleti are facing mean for their rumored attempts to acquire Jose Callejon?

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With Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid facing a possible transfer ban soon despite their denials of any such possibility, man Napoli fans are rejoicing. After all, beloved winger Jose Callejon has been the subject of rumors of a transfer to Atletico, this can only be good news, right?

Not so fast.

You see, if Real and Atleti really are being slapped with transfer bans, which would be for the same irregular youth recruitment practices Barcelona earned a transfer ban for a year ago, it's highly unlikely that they would take effect this summer. While the initial penalty would include this summer's transfer window, both clubs will lodge appeals with the Court of Arbitration for Sport.  Given that Barcelona failed with a similar appeal a year ago, it's incredibly unlikely that either Madrid club would overcome that precedent, but they can at least tie up the process long enough to get through this transfer window to reinforce their clubs before having to skip their next two transfer windows.

That means that if Atletico really do want to get Jose Callejon, the priority and need to get the 28 year old winger in to their side will only ratchet higher. As an attacking player in his prime and unlikely to regress much, if any, before the transfer ban is lifted, he's and even better fit for Atleti's needs than he was a week ago.

If anything, the news that Atletico Madrid are facing a transfer ban makes it even more likely that Napoli will lose Callejon this summer. They might be able to wrangle some extra money out of Atleti in the deal now -- Financial Fair Play won't matter quite as much in the short-term with a guaranteed pass coming up after over a year of not being able to buy players -- but it might be time to start planning for life without Ziggy. Fortunately, Napoli are decently well prepared with Manolo Gabbiadini in the side and Lorenzo Insigne healthy again, but losing Callejon will still be a blow with everything he's done for the side since joining two summer ago.

On the plus side, Callejon is the only player that seems likely to be poached from the San Paolo as a result of this ban, unless Real Madrid decide they need Gonzalo Higuain back. It's going to be interesting to see how the ripple effects of the two Madrid clubs going spend-crazy this summer to load up their squads will be, as it could re-shape much of Europe as the resulting web of transfers shake out.