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There's still time to loan Josip Radosevic to Rijeka

Despite the close of the Italian transfer window, teams in Croatia can still bring in players for two more weeks, meaning Josip Radosevic can still head out on loan.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

While nothing got finished before the Italian transfer deadline closed, that doesn't mean that Josip Radosevic is going to spend the rest of the season rotting away at the Castel Volturno, as he has so far during this campaign. Not all leagues in Europe close their transfer windows at the same time, and as it happens that means Radosevic can still go back to play in Croatia as he wanted to.

Croatia's winter transfer window runs for another two weeks, and HNK Rijeka seem to still be very much interested in bringing the midfielder in to their side. "The negotiation continues," says Aris Naglic, Rijek's sporting director. "[Radosevic] is a young player who might want to play more, and maybe he also wants to return Croatia. In Rijeka he could play as the holder, and for sure would have more playing time."

Napoli and Rijeka have until February 16th to get a loan move arranged and finalized thanks to Croatia's later transfer window. Obviously the sooner Radosevic gets there the better, but at least there's not an immediate, pressing need to get the deal done today. Hopefully before too long we'll see Radosevic wearing Rijeka's blue-and-white kit.