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Manolo Gabbiadini passes medical, thanks fans for their support

After his rather eventful arrival in Naples, Manolo Gabbiadini has passed his medical ahead of finalizing his transfer to Napoli.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

We're one step closer to calling this one official: Manolo Gabbiadini has passed his medical, ass announced by the Napoli official site.

"I'm happy to be in Naples," Gabbiadini told fans through the club's press release. "I know the fans here are passionate and I want to repay the support they've shown me on the field."

The successful medical means that Napoli are a press conference away from completing their most expensive transfer of the season, after a summer spent with a very limited transfer budget. The recent approval of a new club budget allowed them to spend more this month, though, and the result is the splurge on Gabbiadini. Of course, his transfer wouldn't have been quite so expensive if it weren't for co-ownership, but that's just one of the many reasons that particular mess is going away this summer.

Given the late hour in Italy, expect this to be formally announced and finalized tomorrow. Napoli have themselves a new forward, and if things pan out, he could be a very good one indeed.