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Napoli fans crowd airport in rush to greet Manolo Gabbiadini

Capodichino airport in Naples had to be shut down because so many Napoli fans showed up to see Manolo Gabbiadini arrive ahead of his signing with the club.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Napoli fans are a passionate and excitable people. So when word spreads that the club's newest signing is going to be flying in to the local airport on a particular flight, well...

... lots and lots of people show up to say "hi." Hundreds of people, in fact. There were so many people who were so excited that others on the flight from Genoa that brought Manolo Gabbiadini had a hard time getting through the terminal to head to their destinations. Gabbiadini himself was ushered out by security through a side exit because they were concerned about his safety and the safety of employees and the crowd should a stampede to see him start when he walked in to the terminal.

Gabbiadini is expected to sign his contract tonight now that final details regarding his image rights, which had reportedly held up the deal, have been resolved. The deal, an €11 million transfer split between Sampdoria and Juventus with another €2 million, will reportedly be made official tomorrow.