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Josip Radosevic was going to Varese on loan ... until he didn't

Transfer windows are weird.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Napoli's under-used and under-loved Croatian midfielder really needs some playing time, and for a few wonderful hours it looked like he would get it. Then transfer window insanity reared its ugly head and it all came crashing down.

Early this morning, Sky Italia was reporting that Varese really wanted to get Josip Radosevic on loan. The Serie B club is desperate to reinforce their midfield to stave off relegation to Lega Pro, and saw the Croatian as a good piece to get the job done. Before long, it sounded as though Napoli were open to the idea, and suddenly Radosevic's agent was spotted at the Castel Volturno in order to work on his end of the deal.

Just when everything seemed ready to get tied up and and ready to be finalized ... everything fell apart. With a snap of the fingers, the deal was dead, and no one seemed to know why. Reports conflicted as to whether it was Napoli or Radosevic that pulled the plug, but the end result was the same: Radosevic is still waiting to find a home to play at.

Radosevic's agent called the situation "complicated" later in the day, but no one is giving straight answers as to why. The best case scenario is that another team stepped up that's a better fit for Radosevic and will offer a higher-level challenge for his skills and development. Worst case... Rafa wants to keep him around for emergency depth and he'll still never actually play.

It's a bizarre situation, but hopefully one that gets worked out for the best. Radosevic has the talent to be a very good midfielder, but he needs to play in order to develop. He's not going to get any better by watching the team play from the stands, so figuring out a loan for him is something that Napoli need to do while the transfer window is open. Help him out, guys.