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Mercato Madness: Parma pursuing Gokhan Inler

Italy's last-place side has new owners that want to splash some cash, and apparently they're looking to Napoli's midfield to spend it.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Parma have had a bit of a rough year. After surging up the Serie A table last season and finishing as a Europa League qualifier, they were dropped from that competition for failing to provide the funds needed for a UEFA competition licence. That kicked off a storm of bad financial news, ending in Parma's squad being significantly weakened thanks to crippling debt.

Parma now sit dead last in Serie A thanks to poor performances and points docked for failing to pay wages, but they have new ownership now after a group of Russian and Cyprian businessmen bought the club in December. They've been eager to strengthen their new club, already adding Antonio Nocerino and Andi Lila to the side, and apparently they want to make a couple more midfield purchases as well.

One of those is Gokhan Inler, who according to Parma new aggregate site Parmalive has already been the subject of an approach from the Emilian side. According to the report, Napoli rejected the approach with "a resounding no", but don't be surprised if we hear more about this.

Inler would be a fair fit for Parma, as he and Nocerino would instantly be their best two midfielders, giving them a boost in quality that they desperately need. Given his lack of playing time in Naples, it wouldn't be shocking if Parma think they could get him for a reduced fee, or even a loan for the rest of the season. The question, of course, would be whether or not Napoli would be willing to part with Inler, and based on recent statements to the press and rumor reports, it looks like the answer is "no."