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Mercato Madness: Agent of Gonzalo Higuain confirms that he is not leaving Napoli

After weeks of speculation down a myriad of baseless paths, now even the agent of Gonzalo Higuain has said his client is staying put.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Maybe this will finally put all the speculation to bed: the agent of Gonzalo Higuain has confirmed that the Napoli striker will be staying right where he is, and hasn't even considered leaving Napoli.

OK, it probably won't do anything, but we can hope.

We're now in week three of the senseless and logicless speculation that Higuain is heading for Liverpool because of Very Good Reasons that are rarely mentioned and never make a lick of sense when they are. We already broke down why a move to Liverpool isn't based in any kind of logic or reason, and now we have some support from someone who's opinion actually matters: Higuain's agent, who also happens to be his brother Nicolas.

"I haven’t spoken to any club, firstly because they haven’t called me and secondly because it would be disrespectful to Napoli, it wouldn't be fair. [Napoli President Aurelio] De Laurentiis is a great person, a man of honour and I couldn't behave incorrectly. We’re not thinking about leaving Napoli."

-Source: Radio CRC, via Football Italia

So. Hasn't talked to anyone. Doesn't want to leave right now. Gee, that's shocking that all the rumors to the contrary have been false.

Higuain's brother did note a "we shall see at the end of the season" based on where Napoli finishes and how things are looking for next season, though. That's fair, considering that if Napoli don't make the Champions League again, that'd be two straight years without it for Higuain, someone who craves that higher level of competition. It shouldn't be too shocking if he leaves this summer should Napoli fail to qualify.

In the meantime, though, he's all theirs, rumors be damned. Let's go score a bunch more goals, Pipita.