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Mercato Madness: Parma want Gargano back

Parma want a reunion with midfielder Walter Gargano, which, sure, fine, take him, please.

Marco Luzzani

There's going to be a few changes at Napoli over the next few days as the rest of the transfer market and aftermath of the Champions League dropout play out. A couple players will be coming in, a couple going out, and who knows what all else.

One of the departures, if rumors play out all the way, will likely be greeted warmly by fans. It's being reported in Italy that Parma are interested in bringing back Walter Gargano, after having him on loan last season. Gargano was a fairly big part of Parma qualifying for the Europa League of the league season before a paperwork and finance issue knocked them out and put Torino back in, so it makes sense that they'd want to have him again this season.

It's reported that Napoli would prefer to sell Gargano outright, which makes sense after they sent him away on loan for the last two years. A €3 million price has been mooted, which would be a good price for the Uruguayan international. Of course, it's far from certain that Parma would be willing to pay that much, since they don't have the greatest financial situation right now (like most of Italy).

With David Lopez reportedly close to officially signing, Gargano is pretty expendable. That's especially true after being one of the worst players on the pitch during Napoli's Champions League tie with Athletic Bilbao. His departure won't be met with much wringing of hands or gnashing of teeth, more like a sigh of relief.