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Gokhan Inler could be on his way to Monaco

Giuseppe Bellini

If the gossip columns are to be believed, Napoli could go from boasting three Swiss internationals in midfield to having exactly zero on the books. Valon Behrami has already made his way to Hamburg. With Blerim Džemaili having not made the squad list for Champions League, it looks like he'll be on his way as well.

But did any of us expect Gokhan Inler to join them in exiting Naples? After last season, it seemed a certainty that one of Inler or Behrami was on his way out, and the loss of Džemaili, sad as it might be, could be dealt with. But Inler? Our little lion man?

Alas, the rumor is he could be going as well. It seems that leaving him on the bench for the first leg against Athletic Bilbao had some eyebrows raised. Now clubs believe he's available. And it's Monaco that want him. And Monaco have lots and lots of money.

The article, however, does point out that Napoli consider Inler to be off the market, and it's going to take more than €15m for the Ligue 1 side to pry him away. Now, €15m doesn't sound "unsellable," particularly when a club rolling in dough is concerned, but at least Napoli haven't just handed him over.

Of course, it could come down to how quickly the deals for other midfielders fall into place. Rumors suggest -- again -- that a loan deal for Lucas Leiva is all but done. After Marouane Fellaini picked up a serious injury in training, it seemed that loan no longer held any hope, but the media is still reporting it as a possibility. Napoli are also rumored to be in the mix for Tottenham's Sandro, while Alex Song's name is also being bandied about.

Personally, I'd rather keep Inler -- and bring in another midfielder, of course. What do you think?