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Report: Vargas to be sold by Napoli, several teams interested

Despite the player's desire to stay and fight for a place, it appears that Edu Vargas will be sold by Napoli.

How can you want to get rid of someone this happy?
How can you want to get rid of someone this happy?
Paolo Bruno

Sadly, it too often turns out that things cannot be the way fans, and even players, hope it to be.

Such is the case with striker Eduardo Vargas, Napoli's Chilean international who spent the last year and a half away on loan after being frozen out of the side by Walter Mazzarri. After his impressive spell with Valencia in the spring and his World Cup performance, it was hoped that Vargas could be worked in to the side somehow, especially with an apparent need for another wide forward, a role that Edu can fill with aplomb.

Vargas himself expressed a desire to stay and find a place in Napoli's side, but now it seems that is not to be. Just days after being left off Napoli's squad registration for the Champions League playoff comes news from his agent that, indeed, Vargas no longer seems to be in Napoli's plans, saying they have "other priorities", and that he believes his client will be sold by the Italian club before the transfer window is over.

We already knew Arsenal was interested in buying Vargas for some €12 million, and in the last couple of days there's been reports of Valencia joining in the bidding as well. The Spanish side has always been interested in bringing Vargas back, but only just resolved a change of ownership that had disrupted their summer plans so far.

If Vargas has to be sold, at least it will be for a decent fee, but this is still a disappointing development. His skill, quality, and versatility in attack were exactly what Napoli needed to add to their attack this summer, adding a fourth wide forward to the rotation to help keep everyone fresh and providing an impact sub off the bench. Alas, it is not to be, and instead Vargas will be plying his trade elsewhere. What a shame.