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Michu introduced to the media as Napoli's newest signing

Napoli's new Spanish attacker met the press today, and gave some interesting answers in his opening Q&A session.

I... I've got nothing for this. His expression has defeated me.
I... I've got nothing for this. His expression has defeated me.
Jamie McDonald

Speaking from the Dimaro media room this morning, Aurelio De Laurentiis introduced Miguel Perez "Michu" Cuesta as Napoli's latest signing of the summer. They did the whole shebang, putting on the shirt for the first time (well, second since Michu played in the FeralpiSalo friendly), glad-handing photoshoot, and a fluffy Q&A session with the media.

Michu came across as he often does in interviews: very endearing, very eager, and just generally wanting to make everyone happy. He spoke on various subjects, from how he felt to be a Napoli player, to how his injury recovery was going, to his goals for the season, and then some.

"I’ve a positive feeling," Michu started. "The environment is amazing and since the beginning I’m trying to be in good shape to reach to the top when the season is due to begin. In Italy there are many strong teams such as: Juve, Roma, Fiorentina, Inter, and Milan. The most important thing will be to fight for the top and being among the favorite teams for the qualifying run. I would like to score as many goals as I can but what I really want is to help the team in the defensive sector as well".

When asked about his preference in position, Michu's answer was simple: "I feel comfortable behind the first forward but I’m here to play wherever Benitez will decide". Some outlets are saying he added that he would even play goalkeeper if asked, but sadly the club's official website declined to include that moment of levity.

"I spoke to Benitez the first time that Napoli faced Swansea," Michu said when asked about his recruitment. "They all talked about a warm atmosphere, a beautiful city and a strong team. Afterwards when I first came here Lorenzo Insigne showed me a video shot at the San Paolo and it makes me feel thrilled. I had goose-bumps"

Obviously, after an injury-plagued year, people want to know about Michu's health. "I feel fine, I'm working hard and I have fully recovered after my injury and it's time to move on.  I perfectly know that the Italian Championship is different compared to the Spanish or English ones and I want to be perfectly fit in order to help the team."

"I'm a player who understand the fans' mood," the Spaniard said when asked about developing a relationship with the fanbase. "I know that in Napoli there is a an amazing audience and I hope to satisfy all of Napoli's supporters and to win their heart".

All in all, it was a good first glance for the fans at what their new attacker wants to bring to the side. Hopefully the product on the field can be at least as good as his work with the press.