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Crazy start to Napoli-AC Milan sees a red card and a saved penalty

This match is already pants-on-head crazy, and it just started.

When Napoli and AC Milan face off, you can always guarantee fireworks. Crazy goals, fisticuffs, hard challenges, managers screaming at each other, we've seen it all in this matchup over the years. What we haven't seen, though, is a start quite as crazy as this match had.

In the first minute and on Napoli's first push in to Milan's penalty area, Marek Hamsik was driving free in on goal when Mattia De Sciglio scythed him down from behind, giving Napoli a penalty and earning a red card just 44 seconds in to the match. It was a shocking start, but it was hard to argue with the decision made by referee Paolo Mazzoleni.

Of course, this being Napoli, not everything could go well. Gonzalo Higuain stepped up to take the penalty, but missed for the third time this season, once again telegraphing where he was going with his strike and not hitting it with his full power, making it too easy for Diego Lopez to save his strike.