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Marek Hamsik apologetic in the wake of difficult defeat

Marek Hamsik sounded the right tone after Napoli's loss to Lazio.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Feelings throughout Napoli are still pretty raw following the defeat to Lazio and Marek Hamsik was apologetic, saying he "was truly sad" about the defeat.

Speaking to the press, Hamsik expressed regret that Napoli failed to take advantage of their first-leg edge in the Coppa Italia semifinal tie. Napoli failed to convert the chances they created and Lazio didn't, something that the beloved Slovakian said left the squad upset and sorry "for having disappointed our fans."

If this were any other player, most fans would probably dismiss this comment. But this is Marek Hamsik, the club captain and a genuine hero to the fanbase, a man who has demonstrated his loyalty time and again. Hopefully there is no doubt that he is wounded by this difficult result.

Hopefully Hamsik's comments will spark unity and increased support from the fans, because this Sunday's game against Fiorentina will be massive for the partenopei. Win that, and Napoli will go above the viola and back into a European place in the Serie A table.

Hamsik is also right when he says that Napoli did create a lot of chances, enough to win the tie. They just need to be more clinical.