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Ferrero: "Benitez too fat to manage Sampdoria"

Massimo Ferrero has never shied away from controversy, but now he's just being a jerk.

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Sampdoria owner Massimo Ferrero is often outspoken, sometimes entertaining, and generally crazy. This time, he's just being mean.

His team's current manager, Sinisa Mihajlovic, is the subject of recent rumors and reports of him being close to signing on with Napoli next season. That's annoyed Ferrero, so when asked about the possibility of current and seemingly outgoing Napoli boss Rafa Benitez swapping sides he responded ... badly.

"I could take Benitez, but I'd have to take him to see a dietician first," Ferrero said, making a not-so-subtle reference about Rafa's weight. We all know he's a little on the rotund side -- though he seems to have lost some weight since joining Napoli -- but comments like that are just rude. Besides, maybe Ferrero shouldn't be casting too many stones himself.

The whole Napoli/Mihajlovic/Benitez/Sampdoria storyline is going to be dominating the Italian media narrative for awhile, especially with Napoli and Samp fighting for positioning in Serie A right now and the two teams facing off this weekend at the San Paolo. It's probably going to get ugly and may even end in a way that no one expects, but by the time all is said and done, everyone's going to be sick and tired of it.