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Watch Marek Hamsik thunder in a goal to put Napoli up 2-1 over Udinese

Napoli's captain scored an extra-time goal with a laser-guided missile.

With Napoli struggling to get anything done in extra time against ten-man Udinese, Marek Hamsik decided to do everything himself. Gathering the ball on the left side, none of his fellow attackers were in any kind of space, so he came across towards the top of the box and cut loose:

The power and precision of that shot, especially coming on the move, is just incredible. That shot -- cannon blast, really -- found the top corner like it was being pulled on a rope. It was a top-notch finish from a player who's been getting far more stick this season than he deserves, and hopefully this will help people see just how good he's been lately.

Of course, the lead would only last for a few minutes thanks to a marking breakdown that let Panagiotis Kone score a volley that was nearly as good as Hamsik's strike, but we'll just watch Marek's shot over and over to make ourselves feel better.