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Henrique Watches In Horror As Germany Steamrolls Brazil 7-1

Napoli defender Henrique Buss was probably covering his eyes on Brazil's bench as Germany dismantled the Selecao to the tune of a 7-1 thrashing.

"You're joking, right?"
"You're joking, right?"
Buda Mendes

Well that was unexpected.

Brazil, expected by many to be in the World Cup final this year, were taken out behind the woodshed and absolutely thrashed by Germany, who rode five first half goals to an easy victory.

The hosts were without Neymar and Tiago Silva, but still came out filled with their usual swagger and arrogance, looking to control the match against Die Mannschaft... but then David Luiz lost Thomas Muller on a set piece eleven minutes in, and the rout was on.

A Miroslav Klose wonderstrike and a Toni Kroos brace had Germany up 4-0 seemingly before you could blink, and a Sami Khedira strike had the scoreline standing at 5-0 before the match was even half an hour old. Brazil had completely capitulated, looking utterly lost and not even remotely close to finding a way back in to the match. After scoring their fifth, Germany mostly knocked the ball around and held possession that Brazil looked unconcerned about winning back.

Brazil looked better coming out of half time, actually holding some possession and creating chances. Manuel Neuer was having none of that, though, putting in a number of top-shelf saves to hold Brazil out. Once Brazil's initial burst of energy wore off, Germany took control again, and it wasn't long before Andre Shurrle scored a brace to put Germany up 7-0 and end any speculation of a Brazil comeback.

Brazil would get a consolation goal at the death, as Oscar managed to beat Neuer as the clocked ticked over to added time. In the end, though, 7-1 really isn't any nicer of a scoreline than 7-0, is it?

Fortunately, Henrique Buss was spared from having to participate in the slaughter. It's arguable that he probably would have done a lot more good than Dante, who may have been somewhere behind goal digging in the grass rather than actually, you know, doing his job as a defender. Henrique's World Cup experience ends with just one appearance, good for a whopping two minutes off the bench against Colombia.

Also of note, Klose's goal to make the score 2-0 was his 16th career World Cup goal, setting a new all-time record. Klose hasn't always gotten the recognition he deserves, but he's had a truly remarkable career. This is a hell of an achievement, and he deserves every bit of the plaudits coming his way.

Needless to say, this will probably represent the end of Felipe Scolari's tenure as Brazil's manager, and given how dire and uncreative the Selecao has often looked under him despite their amazing talent, that might be for the best. They were fortunate to get this far in the tournament, and their luck ran out today in a big way.