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Mario Suárez will stay at Atlético Madrid, no big loss for Napoli

Clive Rose

Mario Suárez has been part of the rumor mill since June, when he was reported to be "on the verge" of signing from Atlético Madrid. Turned out the 27-year-old is just afraid of long-distance relationships, however.

Then we had information from Di Marzio, which looked a little more solid: Napoli want Suárez, had already had a bid rejected, and were prepared to use Valon Behrami as bait.

The idea still seemed rather ridiculous, however, seeing as Suárez just isn't a good fit for Napoli. He's not so much a holding midfielder, and while suited to being a handy guy to have on the bench, shouldn't be the one the club were targeting.

But we don't have to worry about it anymore, as Suárez himself says he's an Atleti player and he sees no reason to change clubs. Was the rumor ever even true? Again, the idea of bringing in Suárez never seemed to fit with what Rafa Benítez is trying to build at Napoli. It could very well have been a reason to draw clicks and sell newspapers.

Is it September yet?