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Dries Mertens goes crowdsurfing with Jan Vertonghen at Tomorrowland music festival

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Napoli's Belgian attacker went crowdsurfing with one of his national team teammates at a Belgian music festival.

You crazy, Drizzle.
You crazy, Drizzle.
Giuseppe Bellini

So, this is a thing that happened.

That's Napoli attacker Dries Mertens (the little dude in the white shirt and red hat) and Tottenham Hotspur defender Jan Vertonghen at the Tomorrowland electronic music festival in Boom, Belgium. They're on stage with The Opposites, and after talking to the crowd a bit and pumping everyone up... they just jump right in and get to crowdsurfing.

It's, uh... something.

Mertens is still on vacation after Belgium's quarter-final defeat to Argentina in the World Cup. He and Vertonghen are friends off the pitch and have vacationed together in the past. This is certainly a bit of an eye-opener, though. Maybe he was talking to Vertonghen about coming to Napoli while they were up there, but I'd rather he keep working on recruiting Thomas Vermaelen instead. Preferably over a nice espresso. On the ground.

Mertens is expected back with the Napoli squad soon. Hopefully he can keep himself intact in the meantime. Please don't get yourself broken, Dries. Please.