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Napoli reveal new home kit from Macron, and it has a collar

Napoli have finally released their new home kit, and it's quite eye-catching.

Giuseppe Bellini

This morning Napoli revealed their new home kit for the upcoming season, and naturally fans are very opinionated about it.

The shirts, shown below, are the traditional Napoli blue with white accents and trim. There's little bits of white on the edges of the sleeves, and on the collar placard. The shirt also features a folded collar (quite the point of contention among fans) that sits a little higher than the collar from the 2011/12 kit, the last Napoli kit to have a collar.

The kit also, of course, features the Coppa Italia winners patch and the Garofalo secondary sponsor logo. The new logo still looks a little awkward in place of the old MSC logo, but we'll all get used to it in time. The white shorts are pretty standard issue and aren't really any different than what we've seen for the last few years.

The kit release event featured Marek Hamsik, Lorenzo Insigne, and new signings Michu and Kalidou Koulibaly. As befits such an event, all four looked delightfully awkward and like they wanted to be anywhere but there.

The kit will go on sale on Monday for €80 (~$107). Details of the second and third kits weren't revealed, but Napoli's Director of Sales and Marketing Operations Alessandro Formisano mentioned that the third kit would be "innovative" after the success of the camouflage kit from last season.

Some kit "leaks" of Napoli's kits that showed what wound up as the home kit also showed what purported to be the away kit, which was white with blue trim and kept the blue collar.

As with most Macron kits, it looks like it runs a little tight, so you might want to order a size or two up if you get one. At least it's not as painfully tight as the Puma kits from the World Cup, right?

What do you think of Napoli's new kit? Tell us in the comments!