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Marek Hamsik is having fun in training

Ever the silky playmaking performer, Marek Hamsik decided to show off a bit for fans this morning.

Giuseppe Bellini

Napoli are still safely ensconced at their semi-remote Dimaro training grounds for their pre-season training camp, but this morning they had a series of six-on-six matches to entertain the fans who had come out to watch the proceedings.

One of the things fans were focused on was the club captain, Marek Hamsik. It's no secret that Marekiaro didn't have the best season last year as injuries and rough form kept him from properly adjusting to the new system being played at Napoli. Fans have understandably concerned over what this coming season will hold for their beloved star, and how well he'll continue to mesh with Rafa Benitez both on and off the pitch.

If this moment in one of the six-on-six matches is any indication, it looks like Marek is feeling pretty good about things. Jorginho sends a little pass his way through traffic, and, well, I'll let you watch the rest.

More of that in matches please, Marek. Except, y'know, get it in goal next time.