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Mercato Madness: Di Marzio Reports Atletico Madrid Bid For Jose Callejon and Valon Behrami Interest

According to reports, Atletico Madrid submitted a bid for Jose Callejon and were rebuffed, but maintain an interest in the winger and in Valon Behrami.

It's pretty safe to say that this guy is going nowhere.
It's pretty safe to say that this guy is going nowhere.
Dino Panato

Dealing with rumors of the departure of important players is an annoying part of the transfer window, but a sadly necessary one when you have a good team like Napoli do. Today's topic of conversation involves Atletico Madrid, reported by various sources to be shopping in Italy to replenish their own transfer-ravaged side.

There's been several mentions of a possible bid from the defending Spanish champions and Champions League runners up for one Jose Callejon, and according to Gianluca Di Marzio, a bid has indeed been lodged. The rumor monger claims a €20 million bid was placed by Atleti, which was quickly rejected by Napoli.

Napoli paid only half that to get Callejon from Real Madrid last summer, but he quickly became important enough (and good enough) that the club would be well served resisting a sale at all costs unless Callejon asks to leave. Given that there's been zero indication that such a thing is even possible, things are probably fairly safe for now.

Di Marzio also posits, however, that Atleti are interested in acquiring Valon Behrami to help restock their midfield. It's been a rocky summer for them so far, losing seven players that gave Atletico significant contributions over the last few years. Behrami would ostensibly replace Tiago in their midfield rotation, a player who let his contract run down and is believed to be on his way to Chelsea to join Diego Costa and Felipe Luis, who also jumped ship to the Premier League club after helping Atletico win the La Liga title.

Napoli are apparently holding firm in their €8 million valuation for Behrami, and if any club among those believed to be interested in the Swiss international will pay that much for him, it's Atleti, who have a desperate need and are getting a fair bit of cash from some of their lost players.