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Napoli Announce New Secondary Shirt Sponsor

In a little bit of summer housekeeping news, Napoli today announced that they have a new secondary sponsor for their shirts, Garofalo Pasta.

This is going to look a lot different this season.
This is going to look a lot different this season.
Giuseppe Bellini

For several years now, Napoli have had the odd distinction of having two shirt sponsors. Aqua Lete have been the club's primary sponsor for some time now, known by the big red box on basically every Napoli product you'll ever see. Recently, they've been joined on Napoli's shirt by MSC, a cruise line company based in Italy.

At times last season, however, some issues arose in MSC's sponsorship that actually lead to the club dropping them from the shirt for some games. Now, the club has officially announced a new secondary sponsor: Garofalo Pasta.

Aurelio De Laurentiis had the following to say about the deal:

"The brand Garofalo represents excellence in our area and is also a Neapolitan brand known throughout the world. I've always had desire to redeem the Neapolitan name, and with this union we want to sublimate a partnership that could represent the best of Naples and Napoli united in a great passion.

Speaking personally, I don't know much about the Italian-based company on a business level, but I actually rather like Garofalo's product and have a fair amount of it in my kitchen right now (small world!). Their logo looks rather.... awkward, however, when placed under the Lete logo. It's certainly not as clean and orderly looking as the Lete-MSC pairing we've grown used to.

According to the announcement, Napoli and Garofalo have already had a partnership for four years now, but this takes it to a new level. Financial terms were not disclosed, but knowing ADL as we do, it's almost certainly a decent little chunk of change, and likely more than what MSC had previously brought to the club.