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Antonio Conte has resigned from Juventus. The rest of Serie A is celebrating.

Giuseppe Bellini

Big news. Huge. Like, massive.

Antonio Conte is leaving Juventus. After a flurry of announcements, the club announced via their twitter that the manager resigned.

Now, of course there's no official word on why Conte decided to pack his bags and leave. We can be pretty sure what the reason is, however. The theory is that Conte and Juve are parting ways due to a parting of the minds -- as in, the club is almost certainly selling Arturo Vidal and/or Paul Pogba.

Juve tweeted a YouTube statement from Conte. In it he refuses to confirm whether he'll take up the Azzurri job, but he did give this gem: "There was a path, a journey. I matured a lot, I grew a lot. But at a club like Juventus, you must always win. And that is tiring."

Guess it's time to let someone else win, then, eh, Juventus?

There's no better news for the rest of Serie A then that of Antonio Conte walking away -- particularly if it's down to the club selling the likes of Pogba or Vidal. Yes, they've still got talent, but it was the manager that turned the club into the well-oiled winning machine that we've seen for the past three seasons. Who can Juventus bring in that will guide the side in the same manner?

Right now, the biggest rumor is that they'll install Massimiliano Allegri, which is fantastic news. Perhaps they won't play Andrea Pirlo anymore, either? Do Juventus even know how to play with four at the back anymore? Has Allegri learned another formation beyond the 4-3-3? And will they only purchase players aged 30 and up after selling off their stars?

All last season, we were hoping that a club would step up to challenge Juventus for the title. Obviously us Napoli fans would've preferred it to be our side, but really, Roma would've been alright. Now there's more than a slight possibility that the Old Lady can be ousted. Player sales, a new manager, a spot of chaos ... this is the in we've been looking for.

Inter have yet to come back from the heady days of 2010. Milan started their slide after winning the title in 2011. Now Juventus have the potential to slip. With the big three out of the way, there's a vacuum. It's time to rush in and fill it. Napoli are looking to add smartly in the transfer window. They're about to be into their second season under Rafa Benítez. Marek Hamšík finally looked healthy by the end of the season. Gonzalo Higuaín has a point to prove after the World Cup. Dries Mertens just seems to keep getting better. Rafael should be healthy. Maybe there will be centerbacks that can defend.

Do we dare to dream?