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World Cup Day 3: Match Coverage And Discussion Thread

Quinn Rooney

Yesterday was pretty fun, wasn't it? Well, except for that awful Mexico-Cameroon match, but nothing's perfect.

The Netherlands beating Spain 5-1 might already be the highlight of the tournament. Watching the defending champions get taken apart by a team that many were thinking wouldn't get out of the group was amazing on so many levels. It wasn't even just that Spain was playing poorly, but it certainly helped; once the Netherlands realized they had an advantage, they cranked it up to 11 and blew Spain off the park. The Chile match was plenty of fun too, with Australia putting in a much better showing than expected, even though they still lost 3-1 after going 2-0 down in the first 15 minutes.

Today we've got four games on the slate, including Italy's big tilt against England. We'll have more info for that coming later, but for now let's look at what's lined up.

The matches

Group Location Time (BST)
Colombia vs. Greece C Estádio Magalhães Pinto, Belo Horizonte 5 p.m.
Uruguay vs. Costa Rica D Arena Castelão, Fortaleza 8 p.m.
England vs. Italy D Arena Amazônia, Manaus 11 p.m.
Ivory Coast vs. Japan C Itaipava Arena Pernambuco, Recife 2 a.m.

Any Napoli players involved?

Several! Colombia will be lining up with Camilo Zuniga and Pablo Armero (if you still consider him a Napoli player, anyway), and Italy will likely feature Lorenzo Insigne in some capacity, be it as a starting winger or an impact sub.

Any transfer targets or rival players I'm probably interested in?

If he gets on the pitch, keep an eye on Colombia's Juan Fernando Quintero. It's a longshot that Porto will even make him available, but he's a gifted attacking midfielder who could be a quality addition to Napoli's squad. There's also a couple Japanese midfielders to keep an eye on: Hiroshi Kiyotake and Hotaru Yamaguchi. Kiyotake has seen good success in Germany and could be made available this summer, and while Yamaguchi is still playing in Japan, he's one of the best players in his home league and starred for Japan in the 2012 Olympic tournament.

And of course, Edinson Cavani will be suiting up for Uruguay. Miss you, Matador...

How do I watch these games?

In Italy? You're on SkyGO or Sky Mondiale. In the US it's ABC for the first two matches and ESPN for the second two in English and Univision in Spanish, and both have online streaming platforms, while Canadians friends have CBC and the CBC Sports player. In the UK you can watch  ITV for the second and fourth matches, BBC One for the first and third matches (including England-Italy) or use the ITV player online. If you live elsewhere, check LiveSoccerTV for listings in your country.