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Mattia De Sciglio Injury May Mean Azzurri Recall For Christian Maggio For World Cup

An injury to Italy's presumptive starter at left back means that Christian Maggio could be on his way to Brazil soon.

Claudio Villa

During a training session yesterday for Italy, Mattia De Sciglio pulled up with a muscle injury. Reports vary as to whether it was a hamstring or calf injury, but he's hurting either way. As the presumptive starter at left back for the national team, this is kind of a big deal, especially as depth at that position is basically non-existent in the current squad.

The current plan to replace the AC Milan fullback seems to be to play Giorgio Chiellini at left back, which is risky as Chiellini hasn't played there in over a year and has never been that great out wide. Otherwise, the next best option to replace De Sciglio if he can't go against England tomorrow would be to play Matteo Darmian on the left, which is also far less than ideal.

It's believed that De Sciglio will most likely just miss the match against England, but if he can't go on further, speculation is already brewing as to who would replace him on Italy's roster. The most common name mooted so far is that of Napoli's Christian Maggio, who was cut from the provisional roster two weeks ago. That's not a decision that makes much sense, though, as he can't really play on the left at all, and that's the side that needs help.

Instead, Italy would be better served by calling up Manuel Pasqual of Fiorentina, who frankly should never have been cut from the provisional roster in the first place. Leaving him off left Italy without a true left back, and now look where that's left them.

If Maggio does get the call, though, he will naturally be well supported. No matter what happens, this next couple of weeks will be huge for Italy fans everywhere, with two absolutely massive matchups in the group stage.