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Follow The Siren's Song On Facebook And Twitter

As we ramp up for coverage of the summer season and the World Cup, here's some other ways to follow The Siren's Song.

With a hectic summer of World Cup football, transfer rumors, and all sorts of joyous insanity to come, we wanted to pause on this lovely Sunday morning and remind you that this lovely site isn't the only way to follow what we at The Siren's Song do.

In addition to all of our coverage here, we also have our Twitter feed, which Kirsten and I both use to give you matchday coverage and random little thoughts here and there, especially as news breaks. We also occasionally use it to talk to one another within the account, which is exactly as confusing as it sounds.

We also have our Facebook page, resurrected from the deeps, which in addition to being used to share links to our stories will also be a place where we'll share quick thoughts that aren't really "big" enough for a full post, as well as odd little Napoli bits and bobs that we run across, be it weird merchandise, cool artwork, or off-the-wall stories.

So go forth, click Follow, hit Like, and soak up all the Napoli coverage from our little corner of the internet!