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So long, Au Revoir, Adios, Goodbye!

Enrico Locci

It's time for the first goodbyes of the summer months, and fortunately, these ones come with little suffering. Today Rafa Benítez confirmed on his website that Anthony Réveillère and Toni Doblas have left Napoli.

We didn't see much of Doblas - he was that "in case of emergency" keeper brought in after Rafael broke himself. He came on as a substitute at Sampdoria, giving up a goal to Pawel Wszolek, and played the full match against Verona. It's tough to judge his talents from that one, as Verona were only able to score by bouncing the ball in off Camilo Zúñiga's ass.

Worry not. Hopefully Rafael will be fully fit soon after the season starts. Mariano Andújar will join now that the season is done. There's still Roberto Colombo (no, he's not dead) but hopefully Antonio Rosati won't be returning from loan. And, of course, the Pepe Reina question remains unanswered.

As for Réveillère, well, no tears will be shed about that one. After the close of March, we didn't see him much, thank goodness. Rafa preferred using Henrique on the right, which worked out better for all those involved. Including those who no longer had to squinch their eyes shut when the ball came near Réveillère.

Now, let's move on to reinforcing the squad with players that aren't terrifying.