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Camilo Zuniga And Duvan Zapata Robbed At Gunpoint


Marco Luzzani

File this one under Scary Things That Won't Help Naples' Reputation: Camilo Zuniga and Duvan Zapata were robbed, at gunpoint.

Apparently the two Colombian players were driving in Zuniga's car on their way home from a special training session at the San Paolo on Saturday afternoon. That was when two helmeted men on a motorcycle approached the car, flashed guns, and forced Zuniga to hand over a valuable watch before they took off.

Scary stuff. This is just the latest in a long line of bandits robbing Napoli players, who can include Marek Hamsik, Valon Behrami, Federico Fernandez, and the girlfriend of Ezequiel Lavezzi among their victims. The robberies are often blamed on extreme elements of Napoli's fanbase, generally seeking retribution for some perceived slight or other. What Zuniga did to earn being targeted is beyond me, but someone was apparently mad enough to shove a gun in his face.

Hopefully Zuniga and Zapata are OK. Honestly, it's starting to seem like it might be time for Aurelio de Laurentiis to invest in security for the squad. This kind of risk makes the city look bad, and as shallow as it sounds, makes it harder to recruit quality players to come join Napoli.