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Luigi Sepe would love to play for Napoli eventually

The goalkeeper who kept Empoli from losing on Sunday is a Napoli loanee, who someday wants to play at the San Paolo in Napoli's goal instead of for the other team.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

The goalkeeper for Empoli this weekend might be a familiar name for some who follow the younger reaches of Napoli's roster, though he hasn't been around the club in a couple of years. Luigi Sepe is a Napoli primavera product, though he's spent the last few season away on loan, including his current spell with Empoli.

He doesn't want his situation to stay the same forever though. While Sepe has certainly enjoyed his time away from the club getting experience, he wants to make his next appearance at the San Paolo wearing a Napoli shirt. "This is an incredible and fantastic [stadium], I hope to play here one day with Napoli's shirt," he said after the match yesterday.

Sepe knows that he has to prove to Napoli that he deserves to stay with the club. "I could say anything with words, but I must demonstrate it on the pitch." He's certainly been proving this season that he belongs in Serie A, with three clean sheets in eleven starts in goal, and another in Coppa Italia play. Even this weekend when he gave up two goals, he made a number of impressive saves and other plays, never showing a moment of nerves.

With his contract up at the end of the season, Napoli have some decisions to make. Mariano Andujar hasn't gotten the opportunities he probably thought he would when he signed with Napoli, and might want to head elsewhere this summer, leaving Napoli in need of a backup keeper. Sepe would be a more than adequate reserve to keep around, and with the new roster rules coming, his status as a club-trained player for Napoli would make him even more valuable to the club.

Hopefully Sepe is given the chance to realize his dream. He's certainly earned it, and it'd be good for both him and Napoli to have him around.