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Aurelio De Laurentiis orders day off canceled for mandatory training sessions

Livid over Sunday's result against AC Milan, Napoli's owner ordered a planned day of rest canceled for the team to have extra training.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

No one is happy about Sunday's result against AC Milan, least of all Napoli club president and owner Aurelio De Laurentiis. The loss only further cemented that Napoli are falling well short of the expectations that both he and the fans have for the team, and that's simply not acceptable.

As such, De Laurentiis has put his foot down and demanded more. To emphasize how he feels about the state of affairs, he canceled a planned day of rest for the squad that was on the schedule and instead set up mandatory training sessions for the squad at the Castel Volturno.

With the Parma match on Thursday that closes out the first half of the season becoming even more of a must-win than it was before, preparation will be important. Making that preparation even more vital are the painful mistakes that lead to both AC Milan goals on Sunday. Mistakes like those have been all too common this season, and Napoli need to get them cut out of their game ASAP in order to turn things around.

Cutting days off may seem like an extreme measure, but the extra work is needed. With the winter break coming up, there's going to be plenty of rest to be had; for now, the work is more important. Let's just hope Napoli make the most of it.