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Jose Callejon gets Spain international callup

A long, long string of top-notch performances are finally being rewarded, as Jose Callejon is being called up by Spain for international duty.

Paolo Bruno

In the wake of Napoli's big win over Young Boys in the Europa League, partenopei fans got another dose of good news: Jose Callejon, Napoli's oft-overlooked Spanish star, has finally been called up by the Spanish national team for the upcoming international window.

Spain have been struggling ever since they were unceremoniously dumped from the World Cup group stage, including a shocking loss to Marek Hamsik and Slovakia last month. That's left Vicente Del Bosque scrambling for answers and options, and he's finally landed on our man Ziggy for his squad.

Callejon, who has yet to be capped for Spain's senior side, has long been overlooked as part of Spain's setup, especially since joining Napoli. Despite his twenty goals last season, he never even got a sniff of a callup, but now as Serie A's leader with eight goals, he finally is getting a nod.

Ziggy's direct style is something that Spain have been sorely lacking, and it's entirely possible that his pace and quality could go a long ways towards helping Spain turn things around. Of course, it's also entirely possible that Del Bosque will continue to stick to his toothless version of tiki-taka and won't use one of the most potent tools at his disposal.

Spain will be playing a pair of matches this month, the first of which will be a Euro 2016 qualifier against Belarus on the 15th. They then face Germany later in the week, a match that will hopefully be more entertaining than recent form for the two sides would indicate it to be.