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Napoli extend Lorenzo Insigne until 2019

Napoli's local lad made good has been given a new contract as a reward for his recent fine play.

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One of the best things going for Napoli this past month has been the rapidly improving form of Lorenzo Insigne. The Naples-born forward suffered from poor form and seemingly shattered confidence at the beginning of the year, and was repeatedly the target of boos, whistles, and jeers from Napoli fans. That came on the heels of a summer fraught with off-pitch problems between Insigne and the club's supporters, and one had to wonder when, or if, Insigne would be able to find success again.

Then he scored a fantastic goal against Torino, and since then has regularly been a commanding presence in the Napoli side. He's kept Napoli in matches when the attack has struggled, and even though he hasn't scored again since that wonderfully emotional moment, he's still been vital in Napoli's successes since.

Today, just a few weeks after it was rumored that negotiations were to begin, the club announced that a new contract extension between Insigne and Napoli has been signed, a deal that will keep Insigne in Naples through the 2019 season. Terms have obviously not been disclosed, but it's believed that Insigne was given a small raise with the potential for much more via performance incentives.

It's a great moment for Insigne, and an excellent capper to what's been a fantastic month. Insigne has more than earned this deal, and hopefully he will reward the trust that Aurelio De Laurentiis and the club are placing in him. Insigne can be an icon for Napoli, and the continued faith of the club will only help him down that path. Hopefully there will be many more rewards to come, both for Napoli and for the son of the city.