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Dries Mertens injured in Belgium match, potentially seriously

Dries Mertens took a serious blow while playing with the Belgium national team, and had to be stretchered off the pitch.

Please be OK, Drizzle.
Please be OK, Drizzle.
Michael Steele

While Belgium played against Wales today in European Champship qualifying, Dries Mertens was brought in during the 73rd minute of the match while it was knotted up at 0-0. Belgium were looking to use his dynamism to unlock a very tight Welsh defense, hoping for more of the Mertens magic that had bailed Belgium out of tight spots in a number of matches this past year.

Then he collided with George Williams while challenging for a ball, took a hideously strong blow to his head and neck, and fell, hard.

Mertens appeared to be unconscious before he hit the ground, and looked to still be out while trainers were working on him. It took them a long time for the trainers to get comfortable enough to move him, and it took a stretcher and neck brace for them to do so. Mertens could be seen moving his arms as he was being stretchered off the pitch, so that at least is good news, but this looks like it could be a very, very serious injury for the Napoli attacker.

Obviously news is very limited right now. As we learn more, we'll update you on Mertens' condition.