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Insigne pens letter to thank fans for their support

Now that he's officially in recovery mode following his knee injury and subsequent surgery, Lorenzo Insigne has taken the time to write a letter thanking fans for the love and support they've shown, as well as voice his determination to return.

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It's a rough time for Lorenzo Insigne. Just as he was cementing the quality of his recent form and becoming a force for Napoli again, he suffered a devastating knee injury that will likely knock him out for the rest of the season. After how rough the start of his season was, it's especially difficult to see Insigne sidelined like this, as you could tell just how much it meant to him to be contributing to Napoli's recent success.

Insigne doesn't seem to be letting this get to him too much, though. Anyone who's paid attention to Napoli for long know that under most circumstances, Insigne is pretty indefatigable. He already overcame a relationship with the Napoli fanbase that had turned toxic for several months, so to him dealing with a bum knee is just a bump in the road.

To that end, Insigne penned a letter to the Napoli fanbase thanking them for their support and stating his intent to come back as strong as ever.

"I'm facing the most difficult and tough days of my career. However the injury has given me the chance to fully understand and feel all the fans' warmth. I have received many moving messages and many displays of esteem that will give me more courage and determination in order to recover as soon as possible and stronger than ever.

"I'm proud of being a Neapolitan and I will try to rekindle my fans' enthusiasms and passion, giving my all to come back to the pitch with my favorite jersey. Meanwhile, I will be close to the group with my soul to support and encourage my team as I always did since I was a child."

-Source: SSC Napoli Official Site, with minor corrections

Hopefully Insigne's spirits stay this high throughout his entire recovery process. He's got a long road ahead; hopefully nothing happens to discourage him or set back his recovery.