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Upper tier of Curva A to be reopened at the San Paolo ahead of Roma match

Napoli have gotten approval to reopen part of the San Paolo that's long been closed off to fans, adding a few thousand extra seats ahead of the biggest match of the season so far.

Maurizio Lagana

At the Stadio San Paolo, the Curva A has been closed for some time now due to various safety concerns. The club and city have been slowly working on amending that, however, and now according to reports part of it will be reopened in time for this weekend's match against AS Roma.

The section, closed in large part because it was too easy for fans to access the field, will slowly be reopened over the coming weeks, starting with the upper curve this weekend. That will add three thousand more seats that can be sold, which should give an appreciable little kick to the club's revenues on home match weeks.

The report indicates that as work progresses and inspections are completed, the rest of the Curva A can be reopened as well. That will add even more seating to be sold, and even more revenue with it. For a club that's never had the richest of financial resources at hand, every euro counts, so this can only be considered good news for the club.

News on the full renovation of the stadium has been unfortunately hard to track down. This is actually the first concrete indication that any sort of work is being done since the general idea of a plan to renovate the stadium was announced. Even this, though, seems more in line with safety updates than having anything to do with full-blown renovation work. Both club and city really need to get things moving on a stadium renovation, and soon, because as things stand the Stadio San Paolo is not the stadium that it could be.