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Radosevic puts on show in training in bid to get playing time

Josip Radosevic hasn't seen any time on the field this season, but he's using his time in training to try to convince Rafa Benitez to make that change.

Paolo Bruno

One of the stranger things that's gone on this season for Napoli is that Josip Radosevic has not seen a single minute on the pitch. Even with the fitness and form issues that Napoli have struggled with in midfield, the Croatian has only even been in the squad once this season for Napoli.

Despite having several excellent performances at the end of last season and looking very good when called upon in the preseason, Radosevic has been on the outside looking in so far in this term. He only just cracked the matchday squad for the first time last weekend against Torino, and wasn't used as a substitute. That means he's being starved of badly-needed development minutes, something that's not good for a 20 year old player who looks like he has a bright future ahead of him.

Given this report in La Gazzetta Dello Sport, though, it looks like he's trying to change that, and soon. Just before Rafa Benitez left on his trip home to Liverpool and his family, Radosevic put on a show in training yesterday. During a nine-on-nine practice match, Radosevic scored a brace of impressive goals to win the game for his side. Considering how he's been basically ignored this season, anything like this to get him noticed can only be a good thing for Radosevic.

While it's unlikely that Radosevic will be seeing many minutes in the league, there's a pair of matches against BSC Young Boys coming up in the Europa League that look like an excellent chance to get him on the pitch. Especially with Walter Gargano continuing to struggle as a defensive midfielder, finding other options is vital, and with his potential, Radosevic is a very good alternate.

Hopefully this performance in training helped to open Rafa's eyes, and it will get Josip more time on the pitch. If it doesn't, getting him a loan in January will be vital. No matter what, it's time for Napoli to see what they have in Radosevic.