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Potential for Cannavaro - Zaccardo swap?

With Paolo Cannavaro on the outs at Napoli, rumors suggest he may be involved in a swap for Milan defender Cristian Zaccardo.

Mike Ehrmann

This story's a few hours old and there seems to have been no more mention of it since it surfaced, but let's talk about it anyway: reports in Italy suggest Napoli may swap captain Paolo Cannavaro for AC Milan benchwarmer Cristian Zaccardo. The Italian defender was brought over from Parma last January, but made a grand total of one appearances with the rossoneri.

Then again, Cannavaro's made a grand total of zero appearances with Napoli this season, and the way things are looking, he and Rafa Benítez aren't about to kiss and make up any time soon. So having a 31 year old, ex Italy international in the squad -- one that can be used at both right back and center back -- won't be the worst of all possible things. On paper, it's pretty much a sideways move, but if Canna's going to get zero minutes this season, Napoli may as well send him on his merry way, and get whatever they can for him.

After all, whoever watched Cannavaro play last season isn't exactly going to be waving stacks of Euros at the partenopei. Well, unless they're under the impression his first name is Fabio, of course.