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Napoli in for Demba Ba on loan, reports suggest

Sky Sports are reporting that Napoli are interested in Arsenal target Demba Ba, who Chelsea are prepared to loan out for the season.

Stanley Chou

Napoli seem determined to do whatever they can to interfere with potential Arsenal transfers (see Higuaín, Gonzalo) -- a move that sort of makes sense now that we've seen the Champions League groups. Anyway, according to Sky Sports, Napoli are pursuing forward Demba Ba, on loan from Chelsea.

Arsenal, preoccupied with their signing of Mesut Özil from Real Madrid, temporarily turned their attention away from Ba, only to find Napoli swooping in once again. And really, it would make sense for Chelsea to loan the forward out to a foreign side, if that's where he's willing to go.

Of course, forwards aren't exactly a high priority for the partenopei right now, although it'd be nice to have more depth as the Champions League approaches. But with a loan fee around 2m, Ba wouldn't be a bad move. Prior to joining Chelsea in January last season, the striker had 13 goals in 20 appearances for Newcastle, although his rate dropped to just 2 in 15 after joining up with the Blues.

Eh. It's a rumor. It's out there. Let's focus on whether any defenders shall be signed instead, shall we?