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Hamsik is priceless

If Gareth Bale is worth €100 million, then Marek Hamšík is priceless, said Rafa Benítez. It's impossible to argue with the Napoli boss.

Dino Panato

Rafa Benítez has made himself alright in my book. When questioned about Marek Hamšík, the Napoli boss told Mediaset that Marek is, and I quote, "priceless".

Couldn't have said it better myself, Rafa.

In other words, no matter how many transfer rumors the Italian media try to cook up, Hamšík is not for sale. Not for €100 million. Not for some magical release clause that only Paris Saint-Germain can meet. Hamšík is Napoli. Napoli is Hamšík.

Thank goodness. Four goals in two games, and the Slovak has promised Benítez he'll get eleven more before the season is out. He's looked fantastic as captain, confident and in control as he guides the new-look partenopei. But somehow he remains humble, telling the press that he always has a decent start to the season, but it will be the strikers that end up with the most goals.

It might be Gonzalo Higuain that records the highest number of goals for Napoli this season, but it's almost certain that it will be Hamšík that remains priceless. The orchestrator, the creator, the leader and the scorer. I've never been so happy to hear that a player is not for sale.

And yes, I will cover every word spoken about Marek Hamsik. If someone writes about what he has for breakfast, I'm on it.