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The boys are back in town: what's in store for Napoli during the next few weeks

The international break is over, but Napoli's work is just beginning. The partenopei face six matches in two weeks and not all of them look like an easy three points.

Dino Panato

This is, quite simply, a very nearly pointless post to remind you that the international break is finally over and the Serie A season is about to start.

I know, I know. Napoli played two matches already and won by a combined score of 7-2. We'd like to keep those points, thank you very much. But it never feels as though the season has actually started until we pass through the early break and get on with the business of matches that matter.

Ok, beating Czech Republic and making it to the World Cup probably mattered to Christian Maggio and Lorenzo Insigne. Marek Hamsik is likely a bit down about getting kicked out after the loss to Bosnia. And Blerim Dzemaili, Gokhan Inler and Valon Behrami are still wishing Albania could've scored another goal so Switzerland's qualification could be assured.

But let's hope that those guys, and anyone else that went zooming away for a World Cup qualifier, are past their hangovers and ready to do the job for the partenopei. Because, quite frankly, they've got quite a job to do.

Napoli September Schedule

September 14: Napoli vs. Atalanta

September 18: Napoli vs. Borussia Dortmund

September 22: AC Milan vs. Napoli

September 25: Napoli vs. Sassuolo

September 28: Genoa vs. Napoli

Oh, and on October 1, Napoli travel to take on Arsenal. That's six games in two weeks and, while the schedule could've been worse, getting Milan after they play Celtic isn't exactly a dream come true. Hopefully Rafa Benitez is more committed to the concept of squad rotation than Walter Mazzarri, because he's going to need to give the understudies some time against Sassuolo. Otherwise, these races might be over before October gets going.