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Samuel Eto'o wants Napoli - is the feeling mutual?

Anzhi are set to cut high wage earners from their rolls, meaning Samuel Eto'o is most likely on his way out of Russia. But just because he's interested in Napoli doesn't mean the partenopei need to return his affections.

Dmitry Korotayev

After current club Anzhi announced plans to save money by putting high wage earners up for sale, the agent of former Serie A star Samuel Eto'o took to the airwaves to announce that his client is interested in joining up with Napoli. However, Napoli has not contacted the Cameroonian -- yet.

It's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that Napoli pursue Eto'o. After all, Rafa Benítez has spoken publicly about the club wanting another striker at the same level as Gonzalo Higuaín. Plus, we know Rafa loves to bring in players he's coached before, and Eto'o played under Benítez during the manager's less than successful four months at Inter Milan.

Yet it seems Eto'o would be hardly worth the bother. The striker is reportedly making €17m a season which, despite Napoli's recent assertions that they're set to spend big, is still beyond the reach of the club. Add to that the fact that he's 32 years old and just spent the last two seasons playing in Russia -- and scoring a rather low number of goals for him, 25 -- and he doesn't seem a good investment for the club. And then when you consider his reputedly difficult personality, well, if the club are wise they won't take this gamble. Best to let Inter or AC Milan take a chance.