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Napoli involved in Duván Zapata saga

Napoli are apparently in talks to bring the Colombian in, but should they really be chasing a striker?

In absence of a photo of Duvan Zapata, I shall give you Rafa-cam
In absence of a photo of Duvan Zapata, I shall give you Rafa-cam
Clive Rose

22 year old Duván Zapata is looking for the chance to get away from Estudiantes. The Colombian looked to be going to West Ham United, but had a work permit denied, and apparently the same has happened with a proposed transfer to Queens Park Rangers. Now, Zapata is apparently in Italy, having talks with both Napoli and Sassuolo.

Zapata started his career with América de Cali, before going on loan to Estudiantes in 2011. The Argentine side bought him outright last season, but apparently the forward thinks he's destined for bigger and brighter things. Having scored 14 goals in 30 appearances with Estudiantes, he may be right.

Yet at the same time, another forward is not what Napoli should be using the majority of their energy on. Yes, Rafa Benítez has said he wants another striker -- but one that's at the level of Gonzalo Higuaín. Yes, £3.5m is not that much to pay for a young forward. But please, please, please can the club concentrate on buying a talented defender?