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Napoli still chasing Cagliari players?

Napoli have long made known their interest in Radja Nainggolan, but are also still interested in Davide Astori and Victor Ibarbo. Would Cagliari really give up any of those for Walter Gargano and/or Federico Fernández?

Giuseppe Bellini

Napoli have long made known their interest in Cagliari midfielder Radja Nainggolan. They've also tried to steal away defender Davide Astori. Now they're looking more closely at striker Victor Ibarbo.

What's also clear is that Rafa Benítez has no interest in keeping Walter Gargano around. Unfortunately, Inter Milan had no desire to make his loan permanent (strange, considering Walter Mazzarri's affection for the other Walter). The same sort of circumstances surround Federico Fernández, who spent the second half of last season on loan at Getafe. Considering the, shall we say, "issues" plaguing the Napoli defense, it seems they'd be better off keeping a center back that is slightly less prone to own goals than Paolo Cannavaro, but they don't let me make the transfer calls.

Anyway, right now the strongest rumor out there is that Gargano could head to Cagliari as part of a deal for Ibarbo. That doesn't seem like a fair straight exchange, so if this rumor exists anywhere other than outside of someone's head, there's got to be more too it. Then again, throwing in Fernández from our side and getting both Astori and Nainggolan in return is even more absurd.

So yes, Astori, Ibarbo and Nainggolan for Gargano and Fernández would be incredible. It's also got to be the stuff of fantasy. How much money would be needed to make any of this even close to reality?