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Napoli want Mario Gómez ... again

It seems Napoli are back in the hunt for Bayern Munich striker Mario Gómez, and are willing to exceed Fiorentina's €18m offer.

Alexander Hassenstein

Earlier this summer, we were treated to a rumor that Napoli had already signed Bayern Munich forward Mario Gómez. Now, as word of Edinson Cavani to Paris Saint-Germain heats up, the whispers of Gómez to Naples are again growing louder. Fiorentina, which the Munich man prefers, won't pony up more than €18m, but with plenty of fresh cash anticipated from the Cavani sale, Napoli is willing to offer more.

Of course, there are also rumors that Napoli will swoop in to steal Stefan Jovetic from Juventus, or whichever club he's anticipated to be going to this hour. But Gómez is a better replacement for Cavani, if what the club is seeking is a forward with a style similar to Edy's (although there's no other that will have the same defensive skills!). Considering Rafa Benitez is a fairly conservative manager, it seems much more likely that the funds raised from selling El Matador will go toward a Gómez-style striker rather than a Jovetic-type forward.

Or Fernando Torres. Whichever.