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Standing on the edge of August: Napoli transfers thus far

As July comes to a close, here's a quick run-down of Napoli's dealings in the transfer market

Paolo Bruno

We're about to dive into the last month of the transfer window, but Napoli have already been killing it in the mercato. Here's a quick run down on who's in (pretty fantastic) and who's out (still some hangers-on, but hey, they should be gone by September).

Who's Out

Edinson Cavani

Yep, there's the heartbreak. The top goalscorer last season with 29 goals in Serie A, El Matador was lured away by the sweet siren's song of Paris Saint-Germain -- in other words, the call of money. But Napoli earned a fat wad of cash for selling the Uruguayan, so at least there's that.

Hugo Campagnaro

Considering the fact that recently, Campagnaro has been Napoli's only defender that seems to have two brain cells to rub together, it's a bit sad that the Argentine has shed his azzurri kit. But he's off to join Walter Mazzarri at Inter Milan and now Rafa Benitez can build an appropriate four-man back line.

Morgan De Sanctis

I love Morgan. I love Morgan so much. His "unconventional" approach to goalkeeping never bothered me, and I adored the way he always looked as though he was sleeping through games. But make a few big whiffs and suddenly you're on your way to AS Roma, where they're used to that sort of thing.

Mario Santana


Who's In

Gonzalo Higuaín

Pipita was probably a bit overpriced at €40, but with Aurelio De Laurentiis announcing to the world that he had money to throw around, Napoli were never going to get a decent deal from Real Madrid. But, while no one can truly step into Cavani's boots, Higuaín is a solid replacement, a player that excels as a lone striker and scored nearly 100 goals over the last five seasons in La Liga.

Dries Mertens

With Benitez favoring a 4-2-3-1 as opposed to Mazzarri's 3-4-2-1, a few changes to the attack were required. The first was securing the signature of Mertens from PSV. The winger (Napoli have wingers now!) scored 16 goals in the Eredivisie last season, and while that number likely won't be quite as high in Serie A, Mertens should combine well with Marek Hamsik and add to Napoli's goal tally.

José Callejón

Hey look, another player bought from Real Madrid. Considering the number of quality players Madrid have just sitting around on the bench, no one should be complaining that Napoli are picking up a reserve winger to slot into their starting XI.

Raúl Albiol

Yay, a defender! Napoli really wanted to donate funds to Real Madrid, adding on an extra €12 for the center-back. Abiol hasn't exactly been a regular for Real in the league, but that's mostly due to José Mourinho favoring the man he brought in, Ricardo Carvalho. Albiol again might be overpriced, but he should be a good addition to a frail backline.

Pepe Reina

Some may argue that Pepe Reina is a world-class goalkeeper. I am not one of those people. But then again, most don't think that Morgan De Sanctis is a wonder, so I guess we'll just call this one a draw.