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Hello and welcome

The Siren's Song is a brand new blog about SSC Napoli, bringing you all the news about the partenopei.

Lorenzo Insigne is excited about the launch of The Siren's Song
Lorenzo Insigne is excited about the launch of The Siren's Song
Paolo Bruno

Hello all -- I'd like to welcome you to SB Nation's Napoli blog, The Siren's Song. This blog has been in production for a year now, which is why you might see some fairly old posts that are still on the front page. I tried to put up some more recent stories, but it's pretty hard to write when you know no one is reading.

But the goal for this blog is to be a go-to source for Napoli news. That doesn't mean every silly rumor you see on twitter or on the calciomercato sites will be covered. That does mean that there will be pre- and post-match coverage, updates on viable transfer rumors, stories on what crazy thing Aurelio De Laurentiis said recently, information on injuries and suspensions, and speculation on how the partenopei might perform.

Oh, and there might be posts devoted to Blerim Dzemaili's instagram, or Marek Hamsik's glasses. We may discuss the newest product offering on the official Napoli website, just how many own goals Paolo Cannavaro will score this season, or just how tall we think Lorenzo Insigne really is. In other words, this site is not set to take Napoli too seriously. Because, really, how can we, when De La is in charge and the squad does its darndest to make sure we break into terror sweats during every match?

A bit about me: Full disclosure -- I've not been a Napoli supporter my entire life. In fact, it's been about five years now. But that doesn't mean I'm any less passionate about my chosen side. Go ahead, ask anyone that's been forced to watch me watching these boys in blue (or simply read my twitter feed) and you'll realize I suffer with every defensive mishap, rejoice with every well-placed pass.

That being said, I don't want to do this all on my own. Part of the beauty of this website is the sense of community it builds. Leave notes in the comment section on what you'd like to see being covered. If you're interested in being part of the writing team, throw up a couple fanposts so we see what you've got. Let's make this the best place to talk about everything Napoli.