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Zúñiga not for sale

Napoli owner Aurelio Di Laurentiis told the Twitterverse on Tuesday that Juan Zúñiga will remain at the club.

Claudio Villa

Despite speculation over possible contract negotiations, and rumors that Walter Mazzarri wants to bring him over to Inter Milan, it seems Juan Zúñiga will remain a Napoli player next season. Aurelio De Laurentiis announced on Twitter on Tuesday that the Colombian will remain with the club -- and as we all know, DeLa's word is gold.

Zúñiga's contract will expire in 2014, but it seems Napoli are prepared to keep ahold of him for one more season, even if it means he might leave on a free come next summer. Considering the impressive improvement Zúñiga showed over the course of last season, what Napoli should be doing is nailing him down to another contract. But with the signing of Dries Mertens combined with the arrival of Rafa Benitez, who will shift away from Mazzarri's standard 3-4-3/3-4-2-1, Zúñiga's place in the squad is less assured.

Even so, it seems Zúñiga is here for another season -- either that, or ADL is just doing his best to add even more millions to the already swollen piggy bank.