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Napoli buy Pablo Armero

Columbian left-back Pablo Armero has completed the switch from Udinese to Napoli. But what might this mean for his compatriot Juan Zúñiga?

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Napoli have exercised their option to buy Colombian Pablo Armero from Udinese -- which is likely not the most exciting news that will come from the club this summer, but neither is it the most depressing. Armero, who came to Naples on loan last January, had four starts in fifteen appearances last season. He scored no goals for the partenopei, but did manage three assists, so that's something.

If Armero was purchased as a solid backup for compatriot Juan Zúñiga, that's fantastic. Napoli's greatest weakness over the past few seasons has been a lack of quality depth in the squad, and with another Champions League season ahead, it's vital that the club bring in reinforcements.

But this could be a sign that Zúñiga is on his way out. Which would be unfortunate, considering just how much he improved over the course of last season. Sure, he fulfills a very specific purpose -- racing up the left and getting the ball into the center -- and there may not be space for him in the side Rafa Benitez is creating.

Still, I'd love to think this is a mere addition to the squad, not a replacement.