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Hamsik could miss three months

Rumors in the Italian press suggest Marek Hamsik may need surgery for an injury picked up against Parma two weeks ago.

Giuseppe Bellini

Ok guys, try not to panic. But there's a rumor going around that Marek Hamšík could miss three months thanks to that injury he picked up against Parma. At first it was thought the midfielder had just bruised his foot and needed a little rest, but some are saying he'll require surgery and be out for much, much longer.

Nothing's confirmed yet. As he's not been in training, it's almost certain Hamšík will miss the game against Udinese, and it's looking increasingly unlikely he'll be able to play on Wednesday against Arsenal. Because this is exactly the sort of issue Napoli need to contend with...

What happens next? Well, no matter what you think of Goran Pandev, if Hamšík is out for three months, we need a real vice-Marek. Pandev is not the same style player, more of a second striker than a man who controls the midfield. Napoli need to find someone in the mold of Hamšík in January (along with about 12 defenders, of course)

Until then, it would be nice if Rafa Benítez would show us José Callejón - Dries Mertens- Lorenzo Insigne behind Gonzalo Higuaín. We saw those three at the end of the Napoli match and look what it gave us: a fantastic last minute goal against Lazio. Why not give it a try, Rafa?

What do you think? Should we worry about Marekiaro yet? Do you want to see Pandev playing behind Pipita, or let the others have a go?