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It's Atalanta for the Coppa

Napoli will host Atalanta at the San Paolo in the final elimination round in Coppa Italia. The next round is scheduled for the week of January 9.

Paolo Bruno

The majority of the fourth round Coppa Italia fixtures were played out on Wednesday night, meaning Napoli now know that it's Atalanta they'll host in their first Coppa match. La Dea beat Sassuolo 2-0 thanks to second-half goals from Moussa Kone and Giuseppe De Luca. And yes, I went to the actual Atalanta website to find out that information, so you lot better be appreciative.

The fifth round is scheduled for January 9th, right between Napoli hosting Sampdoria and a fun little road trip to Hellas Verona. Hey, could be worse. Then again, Napoli fans probably thought that last season. Then, after lifting the Coppa in May 2012, managed to lose to Bologna in their first match. Right after losing to Bologna in the league. That was a joy. Although then the partenopei went unbeaten in Serie A for the months of January and February, so maybe it was a kick in the pants for the side. Then again, they also pulled off four draws in a row, scoring just twice, before being beaten by Chievo Verona.

So let's not pull a Bologna, shall we?